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Start of my last year

Posted on 2006.05.14 at 15:32
Current Music: BloodLetting
19 now!!
Crazy to think about. I'm getting old!!!!!
last year the I will be a teenager....
better make it a good year and get ROWDY!!!



Posted on 2006.03.13 at 15:55
Current Mood: peacefulO Ya?
Current Music: Incubus - Pardon Me
Freaking Goverment, take my money for a damn ticket...

My last entry is like a poem, wow was i drunk!


oh yeah?

Posted on 2006.02.23 at 20:35
Current Mood: coldBasement = COLD
Current Music: TOOL - The Patient
Beer Pong on Saturday at Matt's

Good Times

Wish I could have stayed longer

BUT "The Girlfriend" had to be home

Basically, I wanted "The Guys" from the shores to meet her

Even though she was shy, the mission was a Success

Plus, I got to Drink some beer



Orlando Trip

Posted on 2006.02.10 at 14:45
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: Ill Nino - Turns to Grey
Wow Orlando was AMAZING dude!

I went down there to chill with LB (aka HyPeR QT) for her LAN/Poker party. I also have another friend, brandon, that lives down there too. It sucked though cause he had some military shit he HAD to do that weekend. He was stuck in Tampa basically the whole time. I only got to chill with him for the first day I was there. He's the one that set everything up, airline ways, to get me down there.

Florida in Feb > Feb in Michigan! I wake up the second day down there, go outside and it's 77 degrees with a perfect breeze. I had to chill outside and throw a fat snoot..

Lauren is manager at this movie theater down there, so I got to go with her and her friends and watch "When A Stranger Calls" a day before it was released to the public, in a theater while it was closed and everyone was gone. It was SicK!

We also hit up this LAN center, Brandon got to come with us to that. It was a smaller place, and it had a lot of PC stations and only 3 Xbox stations, but it was fun to play there. Usually the people that worked there are cool, but there was something about the guys there that I wasn't all about.

Anyway, It was a good trip, and it was SO nice to take a break from the freezing weather we're all so use to in Michigan. Next time I go there, I will definitely chill with brandon a lot. And we'll have to go to Jacksonville and chill with Steve.

So, I was suppose to come home on Super Bowl sunday. My plane that I was suppose to be on coming out of orlando was full. I couldn't come home hat day. I had to take a taxi back to Lauren's house, which cost me my left leg...I had to have brandon take me to the Tampa Airport to make my way home the next day. Every time I get these Buddy passes from Brandon there's always something coming home...

Next trip I take, I'm thinking I'm going to go to So Cal in a couple months



Posted on 2006.01.29 at 23:54
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll
So I go down to the shores to visit my mom before I head down to Florida. Of course I'm going to want to chill with my friends down there...I chilled with Sam at her house for a couple hours. It was real nice to see her again. We just talked about all-types of shit. Alex and Jay were pretty sketchy about calling me back about this party.

I end up meeting with them at this party. A friend of Lindsay's, had a keggar at her house. There was a lot of people I didn't know there, but nothing I'm worried about. People there seemed alright and beer after beer goes down they seem cooler lol. We played some drunken Jinga and good'ol Beer Pong. It was a good time.

So at one point in the night I was talking to come friends on the back porch. I figured since I'm outside there's no reason why I can't just take a piss.
I guess for a guy living there taking a piss in his back yard is "pushing his buttons". This retard comes up to me and slaps me in the back of the head while I'm taking care of my business. WoW what a fucking pussy! First of all, I had to finish up and shake it off. He gets in my face and is like "Why you pissing outside, we have bathrooms inside" LMAO is this guy serious...
He's a good 5" taller then me, bigger, and older. He backs away from me right away when I'm not turned around. I was in the middle of setting him straight when Julie comes between us.
She brain dead and assumes I started everything. She hits me in the head, well "hit" is being nice. I know she's a girl, but honestly she could have done better then that, It was more like a...I don't even know if there's a name for it. what a wuss lol. As runs away from me, I take my almost full beer and whip it at her back.
Here comes retard trying to be a nice big brother and get in my face again. All I said was "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO MAN?! HUH?" He manages to stutter the words "I GOT SO MUCH...." He didn't finish what he was going to say but I assume he was going to say "I got so much back" As any other idiot would have trouble talking, so did he lol. That kid had nothing and he knew it. That's why he caught himself.
Kenny V. was holding me back, thanx man, I was ready to Destroy him. Lucky for him my friends talked me into leaving.


It was too late to go back to my mom's house and It's always a big deal to ALL my friends for me to stay over, so I camped it out in the Eclipse...



Posted on 2006.01.18 at 18:45
Current Mood: crazyI'm CRAZY man!
Current Music: One Gun - Lamb Of God
So I'm on my way to Lansing on Saturday to hang out with some friends at this LAN center. It was a bit of a hike, but I like taking road trips and stuff. I'm driving along listening to some Lamb Of God, RocKin' a SNooT, and just driving. I get FUCKING PULLED OVER AT THIS INTERSECTION!!! I wasn't speeding or driving in anyway that may be considered careless.

I just got my car a few weeks ago, as I've wrote about before. Well, I was still waiting on getting my "title" to the car, from who I bought it from, Tom. Because I didn't have the title yet, I couldn't register my car or lisence plate. That's what I got pulled over for. I have no other way of getting around, so I kinda had to drive the car registered or not, for work and all. I explained to officier my situation. I got out of my car, got padded down, hand-cuffed, and put in the back of the cop car. The cop searched my car and found nothing ;) *really there wasn't anything in there*

I sat in the back of that car for about an hour while they impounded my car! Got a ticket for "improper plates" and a Warning for night having the correct address on my Driver's lisence (I just moved back in with my dad a bit ago) I got taken to the Livingstion "Jail House" and sat in there for about an hour until my dad came and got me...

The worst part of it all is I was pulled over on the way there, I didn't even get to do what I wanted to. I might has well just drove right to a police station and said "HEY, I don't have Registeration or plate on my car! Would you please screw me over and impound my car!"


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FucK MySpace!!

Posted on 2005.12.27 at 00:19
Current Mood: angry...bastards
Current Music: Roadrunner United - The Enemy
Marry Christmas to all!

I changed my password to my myspace, cause my brother figured it out. That night I get all hammered and I totally forgot what I changed it to. I tried everything there is to try to get your password back and myspace still hasn't sent me my password. It's been almost a week, still no password! You would think that a website as big as MySpace would be a well maintained website, but it's not. There's always errors and things wont load right. The site is all fucked up! Fuckers!

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MLG Chicago

Posted on 2005.12.24 at 18:06
Current Mood: confusedwtf?!
Current Music: StoNe SouR - Cold ReadeR
A week after I got back from Atlanta I went to Chicago for an MLG tournament. I had a fucking blast there. Chicago alone sucks though, so we didn't leave the hotel after our first try to go downtown was a failure. I took standby flights there and back. Michigan to Denver then to Chicago lol! I had to fly across the country and back to get there...It wasn't bad going there, but coming home sucked! I had to wait 7 hours in the Denver terminal. I woke up at 7am to come home and didn't get home till 12am!!!

There's a lot of good stories that go with Chicago and everything, but I'm all out of time. It's SNooT break time!!! :)

here's some pics of Chicago I got off their website. enjoy :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Round 1 FFA (Won that round)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My Team
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

DaVe is out!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Posted on 2005.12.02 at 12:25
Current Mood: working"According to my Calculations"
Current Music: Lamb of God - BreaK you
Holy shit is it Snowing bad here!

I can't wait to get out of Michigan! I'm going to be going on a Road Trip down to Atlanta to pick up my new car. I'm going to be getting a 95' Mitsubishi Eclipse! my favorite body style with the eclipse :)

I just need some type of vacation at least for a few days. I barely ever get to leave Michigan so when I do I get so pumped to go! I'm all about Road trips too, It's going to be SicK! Standard procedure followed my proto call would be to BlaZe on the way down and back ;) I should be leaving Saturday for sure...

I got this local Halo 2 Tourney that I have to win with some locals players. We're going to throw together a LAN tonight with some practice before the tourney on Saturday. should be easy, I'm going in totally confident that we will win. There's some more money in my pocket. Plus, this should give me a little more tourney/LAN experience before MLG Chicago

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First SnoW

Posted on 2005.11.27 at 15:43
Current Mood: crankyFucK SnoW!
Current Music: TriViuM - RaiN
I wake up at about 3pm today...I look outside to find that there is FucKing SnoW everywhere!!!
First true snow of the year, I hate snow! It sucks to drive in, it's cold, and...and...I don't know lol I just never look forward to snow.

...well It's not that bad, being use to it for all these years, maybe i'm just bitching too much. Ya i'm just bitching.
...Hope everyone enjoys the SNoW! don't forget to get your daily dose of Metal as well :)

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