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Posted on 2005.12.02 at 12:25
Current Mood: working"According to my Calculations"
Current Music: Lamb of God - BreaK you
Holy shit is it Snowing bad here!

I can't wait to get out of Michigan! I'm going to be going on a Road Trip down to Atlanta to pick up my new car. I'm going to be getting a 95' Mitsubishi Eclipse! my favorite body style with the eclipse :)

I just need some type of vacation at least for a few days. I barely ever get to leave Michigan so when I do I get so pumped to go! I'm all about Road trips too, It's going to be SicK! Standard procedure followed my proto call would be to BlaZe on the way down and back ;) I should be leaving Saturday for sure...

I got this local Halo 2 Tourney that I have to win with some locals players. We're going to throw together a LAN tonight with some practice before the tourney on Saturday. should be easy, I'm going in totally confident that we will win. There's some more money in my pocket. Plus, this should give me a little more tourney/LAN experience before MLG Chicago

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