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Posted on 2006.01.29 at 23:54
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Current Music: Children Of Bodom - Hate Crew Deathroll
So I go down to the shores to visit my mom before I head down to Florida. Of course I'm going to want to chill with my friends down there...I chilled with Sam at her house for a couple hours. It was real nice to see her again. We just talked about all-types of shit. Alex and Jay were pretty sketchy about calling me back about this party.

I end up meeting with them at this party. A friend of Lindsay's, had a keggar at her house. There was a lot of people I didn't know there, but nothing I'm worried about. People there seemed alright and beer after beer goes down they seem cooler lol. We played some drunken Jinga and good'ol Beer Pong. It was a good time.

So at one point in the night I was talking to come friends on the back porch. I figured since I'm outside there's no reason why I can't just take a piss.
I guess for a guy living there taking a piss in his back yard is "pushing his buttons". This retard comes up to me and slaps me in the back of the head while I'm taking care of my business. WoW what a fucking pussy! First of all, I had to finish up and shake it off. He gets in my face and is like "Why you pissing outside, we have bathrooms inside" LMAO is this guy serious...
He's a good 5" taller then me, bigger, and older. He backs away from me right away when I'm not turned around. I was in the middle of setting him straight when Julie comes between us.
She brain dead and assumes I started everything. She hits me in the head, well "hit" is being nice. I know she's a girl, but honestly she could have done better then that, It was more like a...I don't even know if there's a name for it. what a wuss lol. As runs away from me, I take my almost full beer and whip it at her back.
Here comes retard trying to be a nice big brother and get in my face again. All I said was "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO MAN?! HUH?" He manages to stutter the words "I GOT SO MUCH...." He didn't finish what he was going to say but I assume he was going to say "I got so much back" As any other idiot would have trouble talking, so did he lol. That kid had nothing and he knew it. That's why he caught himself.
Kenny V. was holding me back, thanx man, I was ready to Destroy him. Lucky for him my friends talked me into leaving.


It was too late to go back to my mom's house and It's always a big deal to ALL my friends for me to stay over, so I camped it out in the Eclipse...

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