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Orlando Trip

Posted on 2006.02.10 at 14:45
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Wow Orlando was AMAZING dude!

I went down there to chill with LB (aka HyPeR QT) for her LAN/Poker party. I also have another friend, brandon, that lives down there too. It sucked though cause he had some military shit he HAD to do that weekend. He was stuck in Tampa basically the whole time. I only got to chill with him for the first day I was there. He's the one that set everything up, airline ways, to get me down there.

Florida in Feb > Feb in Michigan! I wake up the second day down there, go outside and it's 77 degrees with a perfect breeze. I had to chill outside and throw a fat snoot..

Lauren is manager at this movie theater down there, so I got to go with her and her friends and watch "When A Stranger Calls" a day before it was released to the public, in a theater while it was closed and everyone was gone. It was SicK!

We also hit up this LAN center, Brandon got to come with us to that. It was a smaller place, and it had a lot of PC stations and only 3 Xbox stations, but it was fun to play there. Usually the people that worked there are cool, but there was something about the guys there that I wasn't all about.

Anyway, It was a good trip, and it was SO nice to take a break from the freezing weather we're all so use to in Michigan. Next time I go there, I will definitely chill with brandon a lot. And we'll have to go to Jacksonville and chill with Steve.

So, I was suppose to come home on Super Bowl sunday. My plane that I was suppose to be on coming out of orlando was full. I couldn't come home hat day. I had to take a taxi back to Lauren's house, which cost me my left leg...I had to have brandon take me to the Tampa Airport to make my way home the next day. Every time I get these Buddy passes from Brandon there's always something coming home...

Next trip I take, I'm thinking I'm going to go to So Cal in a couple months

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