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More Concerts?!

Posted on 2005.11.10 at 18:43
Current Mood: excitedYAY for concert!!!
Current Music: SlipKnot - Liberate
2 days of Concerts I'm going to try and make it out to...YES they're Metal bands!!!

Battle of the Bands at The Machine Shop Friday night, which is debatable, If I can make it up there after work it'll be sweet. There's a local Metal band that I know, Dejection, They're pretty SicK so I got to go and show them some support.

Concert at Harpo's which I'll for sure be there. The show is Saturday and Children Of Bodem and Trivium with one other band are going to be playing that night. That show is going to be SicK!! Children of Bodem have been around for a long time but I just heard about them from a buddy of mine, thanks Jake. Trivium is SicK as well and they're more of a band trying to focus on improving their live shows. They're singer, Matt, has an awesome voice and an Insane scream. Corey on guitar...oh ya!

It's going to be CRUSHING!!! Anyone up to go? Hit me up....

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Posted on 2005.10.27 at 15:09
Current Mood: coldCold as FucK
Current Music: Roadrunner United - The Dagger

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's the MoHawK....little wider, but it's sweet!!

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The Show is Tonight!!!

Posted on 2005.10.24 at 13:25
Current Mood: bouncyPumpeD!!
Current Music: Killswitch Engage - End of Heartache
The Slipknot, As I lay dying, and Unearth Show is Tonight!!! It's going to be fucking crazy!!! I'll have some pics of the MoHawK, so everyone can see how stupid I am for doing in, lol...

Going to be moving back in with my dad...I got to get a job soon too. I'll be applying for a shit load of places...lol including outback lol hahaha

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Posted on 2005.10.16 at 20:04
Current Mood: bitchyFucK YoU!
Current Music: As I Lay Dying - Confined
I've been getting pissed off over stupid shit lately.I don't know why or anything, but little things are just getting to me. Paige has been acting weird lately too. I don't know...

Well Sweetest day was good...Paige had to work basically all day during sweetest day on Saturday. We had to do something on the day before. Paige wanted to eat at Olive Garden, but I didn't feel like going there, so instead I took her to California Pizza Kitchen. It was real good...I hope she liked it. We wanted to go up to the Sweet Factory to get some candy after we were done eating, but it closed JUST before we got there. I was pisses...we went to Meijor's to get some candy. Paige is spilling candy all over the place, it was funny. Back at her house we were laying around, and fell asleep till 12:30.

After I got done with the Garage sale, Me and Cody went to the Studio to record some of the CD he wants to make. This guy and me were Blazing, while Cody was playing, it was a good time. Cody did a really good job in there. I tried to throw some Bass onto one of Cody's songs. I haven't picked up a Bass in 6 months, it was bad...I couldn't flow or get anything going. I did do some screaming on the CD with Cody. I can't wait to go back, we all had a real good time.

I also had to run my Dad's garage sale from Thursday to Sunday. It wasn't that bad, I did make alright money from it, but I had to sit there in the morning till the late afternoon and watch he shit. So I couldn't really do anything.

The Concert is coming up in a week! It's so close I can taste it!! For the concert I'm going to shave my head into a MoHawK!! After the Concert is over and I pounded some more beers, I want to shave the HawK off and leave REALLY short. HAHA it's going to be SicK!!!

Danielle Gamba


Posted on 2005.10.02 at 15:04
Current Mood: happyPumped
Current Music: Unearth - One Step Away
Had to hit up the '06 Senior Homecoming with Paige and her friends. Homecoming is over rated, but everyone knows how the ladies are about these things. It turned out to be pretty cool. The weirdest thing for me about going was going with Paige's friends, cause I never got to know them or really talk to them before. After doing all this they got to see what i'm all about and I saw what they were all about. I don't care what Paige says about them, they're alright in my book. Calvin, Andrew, and Shane they're cool guys. I don't know about brent though, he still seems like a little girl to me. Well I wouldn't mind hanging out with those guys again with Paige. It was cool to see people at the dance that I haven't seen in a while, too.

It's Insane how 2-Faced people can be! I don't understand how someone can't just be straight up in front of everyone instead of talk about others behind their backs' or even act like little kids and start high school bullshit, it's not worth dealing with and I don't have to think twice about shutting someone like that out...I believe in KaRmA, and everyone will get what they send someday....

I've had my Triple blown glass bowl for almost two years now. Last night was the first time I ever boiled it. Holy Shit did I get a lot of rezon out of it, plus the bowl looks brand new. Me, Kev, and Wish, did a sweet job of cleaning that thing. I can't wait to see how it'll Blaze!

There is a website change...chooseyourf8.com is officially up and running! We still have some stuff to do but it's SicK. Scope it out and tell me what you think. L8eR

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Damn cops!

Posted on 2005.09.26 at 21:36
Current Mood: rushedrushed
Current Music: Unearth - The Great Dividers
I put my CDs in a a friend's car that he just crashed into some trees with. Didn't completely total his car, but when we did try to drive it, it made a squeling sound from the wet tires rubbing up again the fender. We walked away from my friend Kev's house with these kids, smoked a bowl on this dock. A few minutes later Kev's dad calls him and says the cops are at the house. The cops wanted me and Kev to come back and talk to them, of course they wanted to know who was driving the car cause basically what he did was a hit and run. There was no way they were going to go back cause they had been drinking, idiots... Just then, I was suddenly enlighted to the fact that I put my CD case in the car. Me and Kev went back with His Girlfriend and her friend. I tried to get the CDs back, but the cop said I couldn't have my shit back till the driver is Identified, what a Son of a Bitch! well hopefully when my friend gets his car back my CDs will turn up. I have heard storys of people getting their shit taken out of cars that are impounded.

Ill Nino's new CD comes out tomorrow, go buy it! The new Family Guy DVD comes out too.

Paige chill stop rushing me, jeez woman!

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Slipknot is Coming...

Posted on 2005.09.07 at 20:55
Current Mood: excitedFuckin Right Doggie
Current Music: As I Lay Dying - Elegy
Hell ya! Slipknot is coming to the state theater on October 24th with tickets on sale September 17th. They're playing with "As I Lay Dying" and "Unearth". It's going to be CRUSHING!!!!

Ill Nino was here last week playing at a bar in Flint called the Machine Shop. I wanted to go real bad so I brought Kev and with this kid Ross. We were drinking and smoking on the way there, good times. Once we get there these guys come out being held by bouncers with bloody faces. Kev is like "oh man, if the cops come I could be fucked cause of my probation" then Ross forgot his I.D. and he's like "If you guys get in and i can't then I don't want to sit out here all day" I wanted to go in so bad, it would have been Sick, but since Kev and Ross bumped there pussies getting out of the car I never got to go in...Tragedy strikes again! I don't know the next time Ill Nino is going to be around either. Next time I'll think about who I take with me to concerts. There is no way i'm going to miss Slipknot though, even if I have to go alone...

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Posted on 2005.08.20 at 20:37
Current Mood: pissed offPissed
Current Music: Another One Bites The Dust - Queen
Sweet news! Just found out my radar detector was stolen from Paige's car. I'm not mad at her at all, but i can thank one of her parents that took the car for leaving the door unlocked, YAY! Well it's a good thing they are cheap, AH!!! If I had my truck still I would be pissed beyond belief. I guess it hasn't really hit me that hard, yet, I'm sure it will when I have to spend a couple hundred on a brand new one. FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCK!!!

The other night was pretty crazy, but sweet. I was in the middle of Pontiac, the hood part. I was chilling with this guy, Toni, and some other chickens. We smoked this two fat blunts in the middle of the road. It was a little weird, but fun at the same time to talk with these guys. I hung out with Paige after for a couple of hours and then had her drop me off with Kev and Whit. We left whitney shortly after, but met up with Joe. Joe apparently had this HUGE bag on him. Kev and me smoked these 2 Js with Joe and then he smoked me and Kev down. For the rest of night till like 4 o'clock in the fucking morning. I also stumbled upon some addies. At partys there is always a tool bag, and at this one his name was Dennis. Well Mr.Tool Bag is telling everyone to leave and started shit with some people. So they're all jerking off out side, cause people can always talk but it's rare to see anyone throw down after they talk shit. Kev and me ended up going to Kev's dad's house, but not before I bought some supplies from Joe for me and Kev, he faded me out like crazy so it was all good. Kev and me chilled there for the rest of the morning. Good stuff...

Oh ya! Yay for Lia not wanting me to go to Ruby Tuesday's for Lonny's little surprise thing. What's good with that? Sweet Lia, I love you too...
Well I'm going anyway, so Paige and me got to do that. Later


The girls & me

Posted on 2005.08.17 at 22:30
Current Mood: uncomfortableChillin
Current Music: Taproot - Facepeeler
Leah & Paige Image hosted by Photobucket.com Paige & Me Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Danielle Gamba

Beer is good!

Posted on 2005.08.16 at 15:49
Current Mood: drunkdrunk
Current Music: Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused
Well, I'm pretty drunk from the crazy night last night and i'm just sitting here with paige. I haven't updated this thing in a while, but not much has changed. Just the same old shit different day, ya know? I'm so sick of this summer. This summer sucks compared to last year. No body is ever doing anything. People always seem to be busy with work or whatever they're doing. There isn't too much time left either to chill with everyone before everyone splits up and goes to college. I am pumped about it though cause then i'll be starting my job soon and then i'll be bringing in some good ass money and i'll be able to save a lot and do what I want.

Lately I have been chilling with Kev a lot. It's sweet cause it's like old times with me and him. We went to this kid Adam's house last night, it was pretty crazy. We split this case of Busch had a small bag of some droski. At first there wasn't too many people there, but at like 2:30 or so a lot more people showed up. There was people chilling in the living room and some in the kitchen. The kids in the kitchen had some beef with Mike (Superman). They left for a bit not saying a word to anyone and then they come back with their boys and try to start fighting, I didn't give a fuck cause I was wasted, plus it was funny cause Pat Mac showed up with the kids starting shit. Me, Pat, and Kev just like ignored most of the situation and just talked. No one starting fighting and everything cooled down. I don't even really know what the big deal was. When the kids were yelling at each other it was getting kinda loud, so me and Kev were like "Fuck this, we're not getting caught". We took our cause outside withus and starting running around. It was funny as hell, we just like hid in this bush drunk. Eventually we went back and nothing else really happen, other then more drinking. I started taking shooters of Jack Daniel's. I black out at like seven in the morning and woke up still drunk to this moment...

Alright well that's all I feel like typing...Later

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